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Little Kid Performs 90 Degree Push Ups

Let's be honest. Most of us online can barely pull off one or two regular push Ups. This little kid


Little Kid Is Super Happy After Being Given Jordin Tootoo’s Hockey Stick

This might be the luckiest little hockey fan ever. During a pregame warm-up, Canadian professional hockey player Jordin Tootoo noticed a small


Little Boy Dancing To Lady Gaga On The Beach

Brazil is famous for their sunny beaches and beautiful women. Little Samuel loves to go to the beach in Brazil


Little Boy Playing Dance Central On Hard

The video was caught at the Microsoft store in Bellevue Square. A little Asian boy rocks out hard to Rihanna's Disturbia


Working Out With Cute Kid As The Weights

You want to work out and get in shape, but you have no weights. No problem, just use 'kids weights'.


8 Year Old Break Dancer 30 Air Flares

This kid first does some sick dancing. Then he is brought back to show off his air flares. He pulls


Six Year Old Skate Boarder

Asher is only six years old, and has been skating for only fourteen months. Now watch him tear up that


Little Swedish Kid Marching Copies Drill Guard Soldier On Duty

This cute mini soldier does his best to march and stand guard like the real soldier on guard duty. The


Monsters Are Real

A sweet little girl asks her dad to check for monsters. He says monsters aren't real, but he'll check the


Seven Year Old Rapper P-NUT

This little kid has been rapping since he was four years old. He loved rhyming and his dad realized he