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Like a sir – Lizard


Lizard Waves Back To His Human

thehypnoguy1 has a jedi lizard! That cool trick got him over 200,000 views already. "This is what my Lizard does


GoPro Dropped Into Pit Of Rattlesnakes

The snake is already one of the most feared creatures in the animal kingdom. But it is the rattlesnake that


How And Why Do Chameleons Change Color

Chameleons are the most famous creature in the animal kingdom for their supposed camouflage abilities. But that's not really the case.


Pet Bearded Dragon Lizard Eating Bugs Is More Entertaining Than You’d Expect

Sure, this video by Calcifer Beardiebae simply features a male Hypo Leatherback Bearded Dragon lizard enjoying some crickets, but that hasn't


Bearded Dragons Wave To Each Other At Pet Store

Could these two bearded dragon lizards captured in this short video by YouTuber Baby Inside of a Baby really be waving


Jesus Christ Lizard Can Literally Walk On Water

The Jesus Christ Lizard is aptly nick-named for its Christ-like ability, reports The National Geographic. That is, it can quite literally walk


Kitten Surprised By Lizard Freaks Out

Code Films posted this video over a year ago, but it has only hit the viral video scene over the weekend,


Lizard Poops On Vlogging Girl’s Lap

NSFW Warning - language content YouTubers Nikki & John, like so many other emerging prankster couples, are self proclaimed 'crazy


Chameleon Washes His Hands

This video from last year only went viral now, and has amassed over 200,000 hits in just one day! The


Lizard Bit And Won’t Let Go Of Cat’s Tongue

The phrase used to be 'cat got your tongue?' but what do you call it when a lizard has a


Little Boy And Huge Iguana Eat Kix Cereal Together

This video from 2010 only recently began to truly surge in popularity, thanks to being featured on blogs like BunnyFood,