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‘Finish the Lyric’ With Ellen, James Corden & Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The Ellen Show got a viral hit with this segment, letting James Corden and Jesse Tyler Ferguson finish famous lyrics.…

1990’s Alternative Rock Music Was Full Of Filler ‘Lyrics’ Supercut

Alternative rock was one of the highlights from the 1990's. But com'n guys. Did you really need to use so…

‘Official Lyric Video’ Spoofs All Lyrics Music Videos

You know that feeling too well. While surfing online, you're thrilled to discover your favorite band or artist has just…

Katy Perry Roar Lyrics Video

It's been a while since pop princess Katy Perry debuted any new content, so it's only natural that her new song Roar has…

The Lonely Island Semicolon

NSFW Warning language Web favorite The Lonely Island has debuted their second video of YouTube Comedy Week. The hilarious rap group…

Congresswoman Recites White Stripes Lyrics In The House

Congresswoman Donna Edwards from Maryland has a little speech made out to her Republican colleagues. She takes a quote from the…

Pink Raise Your Glass With Lyrics

Pink's new single Raise Your Glass.

Not Like The Movies – Official Katy Perry Music Lyrics Video

Lyrics for Katy Perry's new 2010 summer single that starts 'He put it on me, I put it on.' Chorus: 'If…


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