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Locksmith Breaks Opens Safe In Just Moments

As his name implies, Mr. Locksmith is a lock and key master. He knows that every lock can be bypassed, but the


World’s Simplest Electric Toy Train Part 2

Back at the end of November, AmazingScience 君 went viral with their creative 'toy train' made from a spiral copper wire


Amazing Magnetic Levitation Device Will Blow Your Mind

Illusionist Brusspup had the opportunity to work with a CLM 2 magnetic levitation module provided by Crealev while visiting The Netherlands. The device


Homemade Magnetic Shoes Let You Walk Upside Down Like Magneto

Crazy inventor Colin Furze is well known for his outrageous and nerdy inventions. He just recently went viral after debuting a


Dropping A Magnet Down A Thick Copper Tube

This video was posted in 2012, but has resurfaced now. The clip features a man dropping a neodymium rare earth


How Do Magnets Work?

Even as an adult, magnets seem almost magical. How can two seemingly lifeless elements attract each other with such great


Magnetic Polar Pen Commercial

The polar pen is an ingenious pen made from magnets, but it's really so much more. It's a stylus, a


Magnet Falls Slowly Through Copper

Neodymium magnets are special, super powerful and they aren't even attracted to copper. But when you drop them down a