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What Marvel Movies Really Look Like Without Special Effects

Marvel movies have taken over the world and people who haven't seen at least one movie out of the Marvel


Every Easter Egg And Reference In Marvel’s ‘Logan’

Mr Sunday Movies got over 200,000 views on this compilation of "you might have missed"s... "All the Logan Easter Eggs,


Honest Trailers – Doctor Strange

Another trending video by Screen Junkies who deliver us this honest trailer for "Doctor Strange", resulting in over 1.6 million


Toon Sandwich’s Super-Hero-Bowl

Who will be the last one standing in this epic battle between over 100 characters, brought to life by ArtSpear


10 Marvel Superhero Movie Moments That Actors Did Not See Coming

Screen Rant put together another interesting compilation of movies scenes that weren't quite expected the way they went. This issue


Enjoy These Relaxing Apartment Firesides Of Superheroes

Looking for some quite and relaxing entertainment after all the stress in 2016? Marvel Entertainment uploaded a few videos giving


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Trailer #2

It's no wonder that this new two minute teaser trailer for next years "Guardians of the Galaxy" sequel has gone


If Marvel Had Facebook

Everyone loves social media. Have you ever wondered what if superheroes had today's favorite social media sites? The Warp Zone demonstrates what that


How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended

Sick of all the superheroes movies at the box office? If you are, apparently you are alone, as they continue


South Park Perfectly Mocks Marvel Superhero Movies

It's crazy to when you think about it, but there are kids who don't remember a Hollywood that didn't constantly churn


Captain America’s Biggest Flaw

Captain America is an all American hero. He's stands for everything that makes America great. But movie critic Desmond Drake noticed that while


How Deadpool Should Have Ended

After a seemingly endless barrage of Marvel superhero movies, many viewers and fans were burning out of enthusiasm. But Deadpool has given