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John Oliver And Cookie Monster Deliver The News

Mashable has teamed up with Sesame Street to deliver this adorable news clip about words, starring Last Week Tonight's John Oliver and


Nick Offerman Recites Genius Shower Thoughts

We've all lost track of time in the shower while in deep thought and reflection. But not all shower thoughts are equal.


The Best Robin Williams Moments

The Internet is still in shock over the recent death of comedian and actor Robin Williams. So it's no surprise


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What began as just a superhero movie quickly became a confusing mess of a franchise. Even passionate movie geeks are


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Harry Potter is one of the most famous stories in the world. But for the few who haven't read the


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Kevin Bacon Explains The ’80s To Millennials

Millennials have no idea how good they have it. To spread 1980's awareness, Mashable teamed up with Kevin Bacon to explain to


A Charlie Brown Christmas Dance In New York City

Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas is a favorite family tradition during the holidays for many.  That inspired Mashable to recreate the most iconic