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4 Year Old Recites 50 Digits Of PI

Not only does this four year old recite fifty digits of pi, but he does it in just ten seconds.…

Sesame Street Stop Motion Pinball Counting Recreated

If you were a child who grew up in America from the 70's until now, you most likely watched Sesame…

Doodle Inception

Super nerdy YouTuber, Vihart, explains the mathematical depths of doodling. And you thought you were at least good at slacking off in class.…

Miss USA Question Spoof – Should Math Be Taught In Schools

For some reason, if you are a good looking woman, your opinion matters, even if you have only a double…

Twelve Year Old Teaches Calculus 2

The Force is strong with this one. Jake has Asperger's syndrome, and impressively teaches us some calculus 2 like it's…

Math Girl Talks About Toy Snakes

Who else remembers these toys? The snakes that bend and break apart. Our nerdy girl friend discusses all these is…

Playing Pi On Musical Instruments

The connection between mathematics and music is very deep. Even the ancient Greeks knew of the special bond music and…

Math Teacher Raps Lesson To Flo Rider T Pain Low

Is this the coolest math teacher ever? As white as he can, he raps a short math lesson of Trigonometry…


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