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Enter Sandman On Classroom Instruments

If you want to get your kids to like Metallica - show them this. At their recent visit to the


Metallica Performs National Anthem Before NBA Finals

Famous celebrities and pop stars are often invited to big time sporting events to sing the national anthem. Sadly, most


Musician Performs ‘Enter Sandman’ Backwards Twice

The classic rock song Enter Sandman by Metallica is one of the world's most famous rock and roll hits out


Three Girls Cover ‘Enter Sandman’

Metallica's Enter Sandman is considered one of the ultimate rock songs in music history. It's a classic that every cover


Enter Sandman Bluegrass Cover

Iron Horse Bluegrass published this fantastic cover of the Metallica rock sensation Enter Sandman in January, but the music video has recently resurfaced


Enter Sandman Bossa Nova Cover At Wedding

Playing a countless weddings can really take its toll on the band. The same old songs over and over are


Blonde Harp Twins Cover Nothing Else Matters

Identical twins Camille and Kennerly Kitt are professional duet harpists and actresses, and go by their show name, The Harp


Baby Falls Asleep While Dad Plays Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters On Guitar Lullaby

This older video published by Topcon83 in 2010 has suddenly gone viral again now, and is covered on HyperVocal, Buzzfeed, and 22Words.


Virginia Tech Fans Go Crazy When Enter Sandman Is Played Before Last Play Against Miami

Virginia Tech was up by three against Miami, 38 to 35, with just seconds left in the game. Miami had


Young Kids Perform Amazing Metallica Enter Sandman Cover

At the Bucklebury Beer Festival, The Mini Band performed a cover of Metallica's classic, Enter Sandman. The band is called


Billy Bailey Plays Enter Sand Man On Horns

Billy Bailey is performing at Sonisphere this July 10th, and Metallica is supposed to be part of the show. Billy


Newly Weds Play Master Of Puppets At Their Wedding

After people get married, you usually expect them to have a soft and sweet dance alone on the dance floor.