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The Two Month Old Burrito Experiment

A two month old burrito is not something everyone is keen to consume, but this guy has some special plans…

Immigration Level: Mexican

American Kids Try Mexican Food

Cut again set some kids at a table and gave them something to eat. Over 600,000 views already!

Taco Bell Lasagna

Just like Taco Bell isn't really Mexican food, this lasagna isn't really Italian. The crazy cooks and chefs at FOOD BEAST have…

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids From New York And Los Angeles What They Think Of Each Other

For decades, there has been a strong rivalry between the two biggest cities on the coasts of America, namely New…

Mexican vs Canadian standoff

Mexican Float Randomly Appears

There are many signs you live in Los Angeles. Seeing famous celebrities isn't uncommon, there's amazing taco stands everywhere, and it's…

Take A Trip Through El Chapo Guzmán’s Escape Tunnel

As many people already know, famous drug cartel leader El Chapo Guzmán escaped from prison El Altiplano in Mexico a few…

Man Makes Actual Playable Record Out Of Tortilla

Last month, a short video featuring a tortilla on record player apparently playing Mexican music went viral and now stands…


Mexican food – lol

Baby Reacting To Avocado Is Adorable

Guacamole is one of the most popular dips out there. Many fast food chains are even adopting the avocado spread.…

Competitive Eater Devours Giant Burrito In Under 2 Minutes

Matt Stonie is one of the Web's most famous competitive eaters. In honor of his 500,000 YouTube fans, Matt decided to…


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