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Guy Invents Better Microwave With Infrared And Heat Camera

Over the past few years, nearly everything we commonly use has advanced with technology. But there's one invention that is


Glow Stick Explodes After Kid Microwaves It

Just because something sounds like it might be cool to try doesn't mean you should actually do it. Curious Jack made such


Is it Dangerous To Stand In Front Of A Cooking Microwave?

For years now, ignorant people have been debating the supposed dangers of microwave ovens. Many believe that the fast cooking


Why You Can’t Put Metal In The Microwave

As most people learn the hard way, you shouldn't put metal in a microwave oven as it usually results in


How A Microwave Oven Works

With all of today's amazing technology that fails at amazing the youth, a microwave oven is seemingly archaic in comparison.


Microwave Plays YouTube Videos

Being impatient is part of the American culture. We want our food fast, and our waits short. Even the two


Microwaving Light Bulbs

When Web 2.0 first started to roll out, people couldn't get enough of microwaving different things. This video, posted in


The Best Spot In The Microwave

Most people put their food in the center of the microwave on purpose. It just seems to make sense that


Huge Microwave Explosion From Sealed Bottle

This is another example of an older video with basically no views, that just went viral. A nerd was trying


What Microwaves Look Like In Microwave Oven

Microwaves are absorbed by wires creating current in the wires which can drive a neon lamp like this guy