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Why Did T Rex Have Such Tiny Arms?

Poor boy. Always getting rejected and made fun of because of his tiny little arms... Maybe that is the reason


Why Do Rivers Curve

Across the globe, rivers almost never run straight. Why is that? All it takes to turn a straight river into


Tiny Plastic Is Becoming Dangerous Ocean Confetti

We use plastics for so many things these days precisely because it's cheap and durable. The problem is, its durability


Love Letter To Food

In today's Western world, we are blessed with the greatest abundance of good, cheap food in human history. But because


Where Did Earth’s Water Come From?

Everything scientists know about how and when Earth formed seems to point to a bone dry planet. So where did


How Do Trees Survive Winter

Think about it. Most plants die in the winter as water turns to ice crystals and puncture leaf cells. So


How Your Dog Can Protect You Before You’re Born

Dogs can protect you from burglaries and assist the disabled, but did you know they can even help unborn children?


Why Is All Sand The Same

There are sandy beaches around the world. So why does sand seem to be the same all around the world,


What Is Skin For?

Our skin may seem lame compared to thick elephant skin, or awesome armadillo armor, but our epidermis is really much


Which Came First The Rain Or The Rainforest?

Which came first questions will always confuse mankind. Back in January Asap SCIENCE answered the age old question 'which was first,


Why Fishing Only Large Fish Has Shrunken The Size Of Fish

For centuries, countries have held the strict rule that fishermen could only keep fish larger than a set adult size.


How To Survive A Lightning Strike

Most people have heard the safety tip that the car is a safe place to survive a lightning storm because