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Jimmy Fallon Battles Top NASCAR Drivers In Mario Kart 8

Yeah, yeah, Nascar - whatever. The real racer is only being identified in a round of "Mario Kart", everyone knows


Race Car Driver Austin Dillon Walks Away From Fiery Car Crash

Most of the excitement at a NASCAR race is sadly when there is an accident. Towards the end of the Coke Zero 400


Nick Offerman Stars In Super American NASCAR Commercial

Is there any sport more patriotic than NASCAR racing? What could be better than watching powerful race cars speed around


Girl After Wisdom Teeth Surgery Cries That She’s A Nascar Driver

It's been a while since a post-wisdom teeth surgery video went viral, but it was worth the wait as this


50 Cent Awkwardly Kisses Erin Andrews

Nascar and hip hop may not seem like they mix well, but that didn't stop the one and only 50


NASCAR Announces Autonomous Google Race Car April Fools

April Fools videos have really taken off this year, and now even NASCAR has jumped aboard the bandwagon. They teamed up


Famous NASCAR Driver, Darrell Waltrip, Freaks Out Being Driven In New Super Car

Darrell Waltrip is a NASCAR legend from the 1980's. Hes' a three time NASCAR Cup Series champion, a three time


Nascar Prayer Auto Tuned

Pastor Joe Nelms went viral last week when his Nascar prayer was uploaded online. People just love to hear his stereotypically 'red


Pastor Gives Car Themed Prayer At Nascar

Nascar is often mocked as a 'redneck sport'. People say it's just cars driving around in a circle. Even South


Kurt Busch and Elliot Sadler Huge Crash At Same Time At Nascar Sprint Cup 2010 Pocono

At the Nascar, the whole suspension and engine are shot out of the car of Elliot Sadler. Elliot is in