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Egyptian Army Orchestra Destroying National Anthems

Yes, they are kind of... special. You can see the dislike on Putin's face... Upload by Light Mi. via: b3ta


Woman’s Impromptu Performance Of Star Spangled Banner At Lincoln Memorial

There are few places as American as the Lincoln Memorial. Since she was at such a special place, G Star


Cute Kid Adorably Sings Australian National Anthem With Hiccups

It takes serious guts for anyone to sing the national anthem in front of a large crowd. It's an even


T-Pain Sings National Anthem At LA Dodgers Game

Of all the famous pop stars out there, T-Pain is probably most famous for his excellent use of auto-tuning. But


Gay Men’s Chorus Of Washington Sings National Anthem After Supreme Court Approves Gay Marriage

Countless supporters of marriage equality were in Washington DC awaiting the ruling of the United States Supreme Court on the


Metallica Performs National Anthem Before NBA Finals

Famous celebrities and pop stars are often invited to big time sporting events to sing the national anthem. Sadly, most


Kids Singing The National Anthem Into A Fan At Walmart Is Pure America

Is there anything more American and patriotic than singing the Star Spangled Banner? How about singing the national anthem into


Canadians Finish Singing US National Anthem After Technical Difficulties During Hockey Game

Canada and America are so close that both national anthems are sung during hockey games between American and Canadian teams.


Sharpshooter Plays Star Spangled Banner Shooting Musical Targets

Is there anything more American than guns and the Star Spangled Banner? To perfectly merge the two, Musical Targets invented targets that


Molson Beer Fridge Only Opens If You Can Sing The Canadian National Anthem

As a beer proudly brewed in Canada, Molson Canadian is very patriotic. In honor of Canada Day this year, the Canadian


The Star-Spangled Banner Sang In A Minor Key

The Star Spangled Banner is usually sung in a major key. Singer Chase Holfelder wondered how the famous patriotic tune would sound


Choir Singing The National Anthem In 18 Story Hotel Will Give You Chills

Ben Vivona was at the Hyatt hotel during the All State Choir conference in Louisville, Kentucky.  It's tradition that every night around 11