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This Nerf John Wick Video Gets On Your Nerves, In A Good Way

We all know John Wick The Movie, which is both tremendously exciting and features a lot of good action. You would


This Awesome LEGO Nerf Gun Is Actually Working

A pretty neat build by AstonishingStudios who made a "Maverick REV-6" model out of LEGO. A functional Nerf Gun replica


Overwatch In Real Life With Nerf Guns

"Nerf Overwatch" from Corridor Digital brings the hit video game to life. Kind of. This video already got over 800,000


Nerf War: Donald Trump VS Hillary Clinton

Things you didn't know you have to see #7238: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in an epic nerf gun fight


World War Nerf

Epic action video by Nukazooka, that got over 250.000 shots within it's first day being online. And all thanks to


Biggest Nerf Gun Ever

Every kid who grew up in the 90's until today has played with Nerf toys. The balls, the dart guns,


Kid Shoots His Dad With Nerf Gun Everyday

For countless days, this kid pranked his dad by unexpectedly shooting him with his Nerf dart gun. The dad's responses are


Nerf Team Fortress

Every kid who plays with Nerf guns imagines they are soldiers out to save the day. The special effects nerds


The Science Behind Nerf Blaster

What kid didn't grow up shooting Nerf blasters with their friends. The foam made darts, balls, and arrows are powered just


The New Nerf Blaster Is Epic

All kids love NERF. But there's no question that the fun toy company has evolved for the better over the years.


Nerf Blasters Battle

Playing with Nerf blasters when you're a kid is always fun, but it's rare to actually make a game with friends


Nerf Darts Stuck Onto Guy’s Eyeballs Is Beyond Creepy

Apparently, this guy had the genius idea to see if he could stick nerf darts to his eyes. Thanks to