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Nerds Somehow Watch Netflix On Regular Old Nintendo System

Most people don't know, but the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo were made to do much more than just play…

Beating Super Mario Bros. With Only 500 Points

Back in 2011, gamer channel Not Entirely Sure accomplished the inconceivable. He beat the original Super Mario Bros. game on Nintendo…

5 Awesome NES Facts Stop Motion

While modern gamers debate over the supremacy of the XBox One and PS4, Vsauce3 instead travels back to the 80's during the…

Futurama NES Game

This old video from 2008 has had a recent viral surge. I would definitely play this game if it were…

Eye Mario – Play Nintendo With Your Eyes

These awesome nerd connected motion sensors wore on the eyes to an original Nintendo Entertainment System, NES. Now you can…



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