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NFL Stars Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

This new issue of "Mean Tweets" got viral instantly, bringing Jimmy Kimmel Live over two million views withing the last


A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL 2017

Another funny re-synch by Bad Lip Reading has gone viral today with already over 2.6 million views on YouTube. "Tom


Richard Sherman Drives For Lyft

Uber gets a lot of talk in the media, but there are other ride sharing smart phone apps. Lyft is the probably


Explanation Of NFL’s Magic Yellow First Down Line

Today, most of us take watching sports on TV for granted. But it wasn't that long ago that all of


Conan O’Brien Plays The New Doom With NFLStars

Since the Super Bowl is in just a couple of hours, Conan O'Brien held a very special episode of Clueless Gamer. He


Bad Lip Reading Of 2015 NFL Season Part 2

Sometimes, one serving just isn't enough. Bad Lip Reading has returned with a second hilarious dose of bad lip readings from the


Jerry Rice Picks Up Unsuspecting Riders For Lyft

Even though Uber gets all the headlines, Lyft is still a strong competitor in the new smart phone car hailing market. In


Super Bowl Babies Music Video

Statisticians have noticed a strange trend. After the Super Bowl, they have noticed a spike in births nine months later


Bad Lip Reading Of 2015 Football Season

It's almost time for the Super Bowl! In honor of the big game, Bad Lip Reading again sifted through countless hours of NFL


Marshawn Lynch Sells Skittles on EVINE Live

Home shopping television networks all seem to follow the same setup and formula. As a fun gag, NFL star and SKITTLES lover Marshawn


Tyrann Mathieu Sits In A Car In The Summer To Spread Pet Safety Message

Every summer, countless pet owners make the terrible decision to leave their cat or dog in the car while they


Celebrity Bostonians Admit That They Deflated The Football

People are still talking about the controversy the media stupidly named #DeflateGate in which some claim the New England Patriots