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GoPro On Ice With The NHL

The world's most famous and ubiquitous pocket-action camera, GoPro, has just announced a new partnership with the NHL. To celebrate


NHL Dallas Stars Hockey Trick Shots

The trick shot boys of Dude Perfect have really come far over the years. With over three million dedicated subscribers, they


Bad British Hockey Commentary

Hockey might be extremely popular in Canada, but in England? Not so much. So what would it sound like if


Jeopardy NHL Question Fail

Joe embarrassed himself on Jeopardy earlier this week, missing what seemed to be an obvious question.  "100+ assists in an


Young Fan Joins San Jose Sharks Hockey Team For A Day

Sam Tageson was born with a rare, life-threatening heart condition that doctors are sure will shorten his life. But thanks to


Little Hockey Fan Is All Smiles After Charlie Coyle Waves To Him

It's a big deal when you sports idol waves to you, especially when your a little kid. Charlie Coyle of


Goalie Jonathan Quick Accidentally Knocks Puck Into His Own Goal

Few things are more embarrassing for a hockey goalie than a video such as this that was just published by


Stoned Cat Watches Hockey On The Couch

Viewers just can't get enough of animals in anthropomorphic situations. A favorite is when a pet 'sits' on the couch


Woman Proposes To Her Girlfriend At A Hockey Game

The tides of change are real and evident. Only two decades ago, it would be unthinkable for two girls to

Joey Junior Reporter

Little Boy Interviews Blackhawks Hockey Players

[caption id="attachment_14095" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Joey Junior Reporter"][/caption] Five year old Joey The Junior Reporter gets a chance to question players


Jordan Eberle First Goal 10/7/10

After a fight for the puck, Jordan Eberle flies down the rink dodges a defense man and hit the puck