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How To Make A Cheese Ball Machine Gun

Obviously, the days of snowball fights are far behind us. So what fun games can you play in the summer?…

How To Make A Vacuum Suspended Fish Tank

An aquarium with fish makes for a nice decoration in the home or office, but it can be pretty dull…

Levitating A Screwdriver With Compressed Air In Slow Motion

Ben of Night Hawk In Light recently saw a short clip of a man apparently making a screwdriver float. No, it wasn't…

Instant Freeze Giant Bubbles

The Web went gaga over freezing bubbles as the country was smothered in a chilly polar vortex.  Science channel Night Hawk…

How To Make A Fire Tornado

DIY science nerd Night Hawk In Light demonstrates how to make a mini fire tornado in his latest video.  Using a spinning…

How To Make Edible Ice Spheres

Want to truly shock and wow your upcoming holiday party guests this season? Just check out this new how-to video by…



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