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T. Rex on American Ninja Warrior

As a genius marketing tool to spread their show's presence online more, American Ninja Warrior had a very special athlete try out


Little Girl Drives Full Size Truck With Remote Control Through Obstacle Course

Volvo is famous for their strong and durable semi-trucks around the world. But Volvo Trucks isn't satisfied with the status-quo, so


Usher Takes On Ellen’s American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Apparently, Usher can do more than just a sing. The talented dancer proved just how in shape he is on The


Man Builds Squirrel Obstacle Course In Backyard

This video by Steve Barley was posted online in 2013, but it has only gone viral now with over a quarter


Coke Zero Unlock The 007 In You Challenge

In honor of the new James Bond film, Coke Zero teamed up with the movie studios to set up a unique


Tiny Kitten Training With Mini Obstacle Course

Most obstacle course contests are for dogs, but what about our feline friends? Cats are definitely trainable, but you have to start


Mission Impossible Squirrel

A cute furry squirrel tackles an obstacle course fit for Tom Cruise. I love the little red car he rides