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Why You Should Tell Coworkers Your Salary

Adam "Ruins Everything" Conover has another great tipp for you: speak about you salary. At work. More than three million…

Chris Pine As Congress As Your Co-Worker

"If Congress was your co-worker" is a very entertaining video by the "Save The Day. Vote" organization, featuring Chris Pine…

Dude Perfect Show Us Their Epic New Office

Die Dudes got their perfect office. By showing (off) their brand new office (that looks like when all sports areas…

Working With Jigsaw

Cool sketch by Chris Capel. Imagine having infamous Jigsaw as a colleague in the office. Maybe your actual working buddies…

Putting Vegetables In Doughnut Box At The Office Prank

Now this is a proper April Fools prank. No one is seriously injured or embarrassed, it's just good for a…

Intelligent Office Chairs That ‘Park’ Themselves Back To Table

Cars are more advanced than ever these days. Scientists, engineers, and legislators are busy preparing for the self driving car revolution.…


During office breaks


Office assistant killed

Office Worker Performs Slam Dunks On Toy Hoop After Being Laid Off

Being laid off is never a good time, but Jake H didn't let the bad news get to him. Instead, he decided…

Wearing A GoPro During Boring Office Job

The Internet is well acquainted with GoPro commercials that often showcase extreme situations, such as a skydiving or skateboarding. But Brazilian…

Office Christmas Party Music Video

Ironically, one of the few things worse than working long hours at the office is being forced to go to…

Epic Office Holiday Remix Is Super Catchy

Remix artist Andrew Huang teamed up with digital marketing agency Klick Health to create a one of a kind remix using only the sounds…



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