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Ohio State Marching Band Sci-Fi Out of this World Halftime Show

After just going viral two weeks ago with a video game themed halftime show, the Ohio State Marching Band is back with


Ohio University Marching Band Performs Gangnam Style

After so many countless other Gangnam Style covers and music videos, it's a wonder that it took a college marching band


Vlogging With Strangers Prank

The pranksters at RomanAtwood tried a new concept on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. They walked the streets while vlogging, approaching random


Runner Helps Her Collapsed Competitor Across Finish Line

This short, yet powerful video features a West Liberty-Salem runner helping her passed out Arlington competitor across the finish line.


Fox 8 Cleveland Make Their Very Own Christmas Parody Of LMFAO Party Rock Anthem

Cleveland, Ohio's Fox 8 producer Jennifer Charlton was trying to think of a way to get into the Christmas spirit when she had


Wisconsin, Ohio Union Protest Explained

The Republican governors in Ohio and Wisconsin say that the current union protests are about the budget deficit. But the


Homeless Man With Perfect Radio Voice Ted Williams

Like the man says, radio is theatre of the mind. Your mind paints a picture of what that perfect voice


Demolition Gone Wrong Hits Power Lines

In Dayton Ohio a demolition turns to disaster as the tower they are trying to bring down goes the wrong


Funnel Cloud – Athens Ohio 9/16/10

During a tornado warning someone videotaped what they thought was going to be a tornado over the city of Athens.