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Tornado Intercept Vehicle Is Hit By Tornado

Moore, Oklahoma is still rebuilding after being walloped by a massive tornado last week. But Mother Nature never rests. Just…

Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

A devastating EF4 tornado, the second strongest level ever recorded, has ravished Moore, Oklahoma and the surrounding area, obliterating all in…

Dog Freaks Out At Moving Windshield Wipers

Crazy Boston Terrier Tank lives in Oklahoma with his owner Raelynn. And thank goodness it doesn't rain often there, because Tank…

Baseball Size Hail In Woodward, Ok

Kevinshaneweeks brings us this video from a recent hail storm in Woodward, Oklahoma that has gone viral with over 100,000 views.…

Oklahoma Earthquake Hits During Sportscaster Interview

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit was in Stillwater, Oklahoma talking with Chris Fowler via sattelite on Saturday, when a 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit Oklahoma.…

Tornado Hits Tractor Trailer Near Oklahoma City

The small town of Shawnee, Oklahoma, is the victim of more tornadoes smashing through the country. Incredible video was captured of…



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