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Video Game Theme Songs One Minute Mash Up

Musician Chad Neidt, most famous online for his one minute mash ups, turned to his nerdy side for his latest project. 


20 Most Overplayed Songs Of 2013 Mashup

One minute mash up master Chad Neidt is back to review the year.  In this 2013 wrap up video, he quickly covers


Songs That Were Ripped Off Mash Up

One minute mash up artist Chad Neidt has stepped forward to demonstrate how easily pop music rips off popular songs from


Nirvana Medley In One Minute

One minute mash up master Chad Neidt is back with another rocking 90's medley. Somehow, Chad managed to pack in 16


Famous Commercial Jingles Medley In One Minute

YouTube musician Chad Neidt is well known for his one minute mash up medleys. For his latest song, he asked his fans


The Beatles One Minute Mash Up

Chad Neidt, the web's one and only one minute mash up master, has returned with beat boxer Bronkar Lee for his


The Godfather – One Minute, One Take

The Godfather is considered by many to be the greatest film of all time. A large group take on the