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How To Make Your Head Disappear

YouTuber SamWilber2 has gone viral since the weekend. In this short and sweet video, Sam shows the camera a quick and


Couple Kissing At The Beach Illusion

DeathEater365 is trending with this new short video, entitled RAF'S PERFECT GIRLFRIEND. In the twenty second clip, a camera at the beach


Shadow Act On Britain’s Got Talent

Hungarian shadow theater company Attraction blew the audience and judges away on the first week of auditions of Britain's Got Talent.


Man Interacts With Optical Illusion Trick-Room

For optical illusion master Richard Wiseman's latest video, he shows an ordinary room with a easy chair and some tea


Amazing Anamorphic Illusions Made Of Paper Look 3D

Anamorphic illusions trick the brain into seeing a 3D object that is actually flat as paper. Optical illusionist and scientist


Amazing Animated Optical Illusions

Brusspup is one of the net's most popular optical illusion and science masters around with over 440,000 subscribers. For his latest viral video,


Optical Illusion Sculpture On Park Ave In New York City

While walking on world famous Park Avenue in Manhattan, hethandjed's "mind was blown" when they saw a huge optical illusion sculpture. They


Checker Board Optical Illusion: Reverse Mindwarp

YouTube optical illusionist master Greeenpro2009 spent hours places small dots on a black and white checkerboard in a certain sequence. He then


Motorcycle Obstacle Illusion

At first, this scene looks perfectly normal. A biker standing behind his bike suits up and puts his helmet one.


Checkerboard Shade Illusion

Brusspup is a YouTube channel that specializes in illusions. Here, a checkerboard is presented under a shadow. When the illusionist moves the a white square


Infinite Waterfall Optical Illusion

At first I didn't even get this video. The magician pours water at the 'top' of a wooden track. The


Spinning Disk Trick

There are no tricks, magnets, or batteries. Just a metal disk and physics. The music is entrancing.