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Elephant Plays With Galaxy Note Tablet

There are plenty viral videos of animals using touch screen devices, but none as big or seemingly intelligent as this one. In


Brush With Death – Painter Battles His Own Creations That Come To Life

Youtubers CorridorDigital are famous online for their mastery of digital graphics. In this episode, a street painter's creations come to life, and


Painting With Gravity Timelapse

Amy Shackleton paints with gravity; she uses no brushes or tools. By applying paint then rotating the canvas, Amy controls


Dad Painting Calvin And Hobbes Mural Time Lapse

Calvin and Hobbes was an integral part of anyone childhood in the 90's. Now that this dad is all grown up and


Cars Paint Road Art After Paint Is Dumped Onto Street

A team of artist/prankster dumped paint in a busy Berlin intersection. The cars and bikes became huge metal brushes painting


Skateboarders Attach Spray Paint Cans Underneath Skateboards, Paint Inside Pool

A man had the job of painting the inside a pool. Instead of the old fashion boring way of painting,