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The Mysterious Life Of Artist Bob Ross

You've probably heard of Bob Ross, but how well did you really know this artistic celebrity?


Old 16th Century Painting Has Skull Illusion Hidden

Famous Middle Ages artist Hans Holbein painted this work of art in 1533. While enjoy the piece, WorldScott showed viewers how Hans hid


Bob Ross VS Picasso Epic Rap Battles Of History

Popular rap show Epic Rap Battles of History has finally returned with another rap-tastic episode! This time, they pin the Internet's


Barack Obama Holding Burning Constitution Picture

John McNaughton first went viral in 2010 with his painting of Barack Obama standing on the constitution, titled The Forgotton Man. Now he


Artist Paints With His Tongue

If you want to be a true hipster artist, you can't paint with a brush. That's way to mainstream. Indian born


Painting Perfect Pin Stripes On A Motorcycle Gas Tank

Royal Enfield is an Indian motorbike company that prides its unique hand craftsmanship. Here, a painter shows off his near perfect


Woman Too Excited Over Sponge Paint Brush

This vintage video features an older woman teaching and showing us how to use the Rainbow Sponge. She is a


Cars Paint Road Art After Paint Is Dumped Onto Street

A team of artist/prankster dumped paint in a busy Berlin intersection. The cars and bikes became huge metal brushes painting


Painting Of Barack Obama Standing On The Constitution – The Forgotton Man By Jon McNaughton

'Against the background of a darkening sky, all of the past Presidents of the United States gather before the White