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Pentatonix Performs A Cappella Cover Of ‘Royals’ By Lorde

Royals by Lorde debuted online in May, and is slowly becoming an Internet sensation. The original music video now stands


Pentatonix Covers Can’t Hold Us

Pentatonix is one of YouTube's most popular vocalist groups, standing with over 1.3 dedicated fans. The crew has instantly caught viral


A Cappella Wizard Of Oz Music Video By Pentatonix

For his latest project, Todrick Hall worked with popular online vocalist group Pentatonix. The quintet act and sing in an impressive


Evolution Of Music A Cappella Medley By Pentatonix

Online favorite a cappella group Pentatonix traversed through time in their latest music piece which has instantly caught fire. The


Radioactive Cover By Lindsey Stirling And Pentatonix

Popular online violinist Lindsey Stomp teamed up with fan favorite vocalist group Pentatonix to create a new music video of epic proportions. They chose


Pentatonix A Cappella Thrift Shop Cover

Though the song is over six month old, Thrift Shop by Macklemore continues to trend, standing with over 55 million views.


A Cappella N Sync Medley By Pentatonix

Popular a cappella group Pentatonix has grown more popular than ever with over 300,000 subscribers. For their latest piece, they travel back


GANGNAM STYLE A Cappella Cover

Out of all the countless covers, parodies, and spoofs of the South Korean pop sensation Gangnam Style currently taking the pop


A Cappella Cover Of Starships By Nicki Minaj

Popular online a cappella group Pentatonix has returned with another vocals-only pop music cover. They take on Nicki Minaj's hit single Starships,


We Are Young A Cappella Cover By Pentatonix

Popular a cappella group PentaTonix is back again with another knock out pop song cover. They took on the hit single


Pentatonix Perform A Cappella Cover Of Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory

Pentatonix first made a name for themselves with their first a cappella cover of Maroon 5 that went viral three weeks ago.


Pentatonix Covers Moves Like Jagger

Modern A Cappella group Pentatonix first made a name for themselves on NBC's Sing Off. Now they have just opened