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Awesome Indoor Skydiving Freestyle Routine By Maja Kuczyńska

At Wind Games 2017 Maja Kuczyńska showed this spectacular skydiving choreography in the final round. menager47 uploaded the video and…

Classic Zorro Duel Breaks Out During Lecture At Michigan University

There have been many college lecture prank videos before, but this one takes the cake. In the middle of an…

Dry Teenage Magician-Comedian Kyle Eschen Performs At World Magic Awards

Stand up comedy is hard enough, but mixing dry, awkward, yet intellectually stimulating humor with magic is a level few can attain.…

Miniature Dancing DJ Puppet Street Performance

This video from the summer just went viral now after being shared on Facebook, , and StuffIStole. An adorably tiny…

Shakespeare Performance On Subway Train

Anything can happen on a NYC subway ride. People can lick their own shoes, perform a pole stripper dance, or…


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