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Dinosaur Prank Scares Phoenix Suns Players

In honor of Halloween, Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic hired a Tyrannosaurus Rex to prank his teammates. One by one,


Suns Fan Wins $77,777 With Epic Half Court Shot

To promote their establishment, Casino Arizona offered one lucky Phoenix Suns fan a chance at $77,777 by scoring a half court shot. 


Pug Daringly Picks Fight With Police K-9 Dog During SWAT Team Standoff

ABC15 Arizona reports that during a four hour stand off with an armed suspect in Phoenix, Arizona, the SWAT team was attacked


Mysterious Light Flash Caught On Camera During News Traffic Report

This Phoenix Fox 10 report went super viral over the weekend, amassing over 4.5 millions views. During Andrea Robinson's traffic report, a huge


Driving Into Phoenix Sand Storm

An enormous sand storm struck Phoenix Arizona on July 5th and enveloped the city. While most people were rushing to


Sand Storm Over Downtown Phoenix

On July 5th, a huge sand storm over took downtown Phoenix, Arizona. It looks like a scene straight out of


Hail Storm Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix is hit with weather reminiscent of the Ten Plagues. Huge baseball sized hail balls smash the ground, and make