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Bike crashes because of photoshopped wheel

YouTuber punpun put together some media and demonstrates, how to delete a wheel on the fly, so a cyclist can't


Photoshop Experts Try Using Photoshop 1.0

Photoshop has become the generic term for any type of digital retouching. The popular picture editing program debuted way back in 1990


Extreme Photoshop Weight Loss Will Shock You

These days, everyone assumes that their favorite stars and celebrities have been digitally touched up in magazines and on billboards.


Photoshop Has Gone Too Far Spoof

Remember the Power of Photoshop viral video which demonstrated just how fake cover girls have become with the help of


Real Women Reacting To Being Professionally Photoshopped Will Give You Hope

Our modern world is literally covered with pseudo-realities that attack our self-esteem. Digitally perfected people constantly mock our deficiencies and


Hungarian Music Video Parfüm Demonstrates How Drastic Photoshop Is In Real Time

Computer retouching programs like Photoshop have changed the way the world perceives beauty. It has set our standards beyond what


‘The Power Of Photoshop’ Demonstrates Society’s Unrealistic Expectations Of Beauty

YouTuber Try10000time posted this video back in February, but it has only exploded online now, garnering over 5 million new views! Similar


Live Photoshop Prank At Bus Stop

To promote their new Photoshop software, Adobe commissioned a hilarious prank at a bus stop that they set up with a flat


Luftbanza Airlines Amazing Photoshop Action Scene Time Lapse

High speed photoshopping and drawing videos are always popular and Russian graphic designer  is the latest to publish such a hit. 


Photoshop Ad As A Makeup Commercial

It's a fact that 99% of photos in mainstream magazines are photoshopped. But sadly, the over perfected pictures are having


Photoshop Drawing Of Girl Looks Realistic

Photoshop is such a famous tool for digital retouching that it has become a verb in itself, like Google. Today,