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This Is Why You Should Never Try To Crack A Really Long Whip

Ouch! Bryan Ropar's World of Science and Engineering tried to boss this really long whip, but the score board says


Magic Water Marker Making Figure Dance

Just take a non-soluble marker, a little water and let the magic unfold! RM Videos (re?)uploaded this video of a


Could You Get A 78mm Gold Bar Through A 85mm Hole?

In Japan you can try to get a gold bar out of a glass case. But you only have a


Watch A Car Break Explosion In Super Slowmotion

The people from Beyond The Press did heat up the break of a car pretty good and got it on


Alton Brown Makes Ice Cream In 10 Seconds

This may be the fastest Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream ever created. Carbonated by Alton Brown, with a little help of


The Importance of Trailer Weight Distribution

Welcome to the guidebook of life safety stuff. Today: Why you should pack the majority of the weight at the

Benedict Cumberbatch Does a Magic Trick

Okay, actually the actor only demonstrates a little physics rule, but it is quite neat and if you imagine him


Scientist Is Nearly Hit By Wrecking Ball To Prove Basic Law Of Physics

The law of conservation is simple enough, stating that energy can not be destroyed, only changed. Physicist Andreas Wahl demonstrates the


Scientist Performs Daring Drop Stunt To Prove Law Of Physics

We all learn simple laws of physics in school, but how much do you trust them? Physicist Andreas Wahl literally put


Anti-Gravity Wheel

Derek Muller of Veritasium demonstrates the true power of gyro precession in this trending video.  First, he shows just how heavy a forty


Beer Bottle Breaks With Slap Trick In Super Slow Motion

For their latest slow motion science experiment, Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys explain and demonstrate the classic trick to


Teacher Visualizes Gravity With Giant Spandex Sheet Demonstration

AP Bio Los Gatos High School posted this video almost two years ago, but it has only gone viral now after