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Finally Freedom!

This pig family is happier than ever with their new home! [embed][/embed]

Meme, Video

I feel pretty oh so pretty


How To Straighten A Pig’s Curly Tail

All children learn at a young age that pigs like to play in the mud to cool off from the summer


Bacon Lovers Meet Baby Pigs

Everyone already knows that the Internet is completely obsessed with bacon. What's not to love about the meaty, smokey, salty,


Pig Doesn’t Like To Cuddle

When most people hear the word pig that immediately think of bacon or spareribs. But pigs also make great pets


Ponies Chase Away Wild Boar

Marc Polet was on the farm when he noticed a wild boar running down the dirt road. Suddenly, the boar attacked!


Micro Pig Babies Adorably Eat An Apple

Is there anything cuter than a baby piglet? How about a bunch of micro baby piglets? Pet Piggies Micro Pigs specializes


Maine Driver Finds Lost Pig, Feeds Him A Cookie

While driving on the road, it's not uncommon to see small critters such as raccoons or possums. But while Maine


Piglet Is Best Friends With Pit Bull Terrier

Pigalina the piglet is only three weeks old, but she has already found a best friend for life. The young


Waking Up A Pig With A Cookie

This adorable animal video was published online in 2013 by pig channel Prissy and Bomber, but has only gone viral


Woman Shares Salad With Pig

This adorable little piggy is no, well, pig.  Instead, piggy is on an obvious diet. Which is perfect, because Rosalinda Lascano was


Micro Pig Compilation Is The Cutest Ever

British YouTuber Caroline Chaplin of Pet Piggies is the lucky owner of a micro pig farm. That means instead of puppy or kitten videos,