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Pigeon Scares Woman To Death

LOL. Take a look at the horrified reaction when she enters the balcony! It's only a pigeon, calm down!

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Pigeon – Pigeoff


Guy Tries To Get Pigeon Out Of His House

A pigeon flew into Axw820's house by swooping in through the chimney. But it was trapped by the mesh on the fireplace.


Pigeons Are Underrated

In big cities today, pigeons are considered annoying pests that poop on clean cars and overpopulate the parks and squares. But


Rufus The Hawk Guards Wimbledon From Pigeons

Wimbledon is considered the world's oldest tennis tournament in the world. So allowing simple pigeons to interrupt the game is


Bird Flies Along With Highway Traffic

Justin Jay posted this video of a man driving along on the highway at nearly 55 mph when he and his


Pigeon Prank Outside Car Wash

Popular French prankster Rémi GAILLARD has a coming out March 5.  He just published this short clip from the film of an


Pigeon Treadmill

This video is from March, but just had a small surge in traffic after being featured on JoeMonster and StuffIStole. A


Pigeon Spinning Like a Record

The life of a pigeon is boring, but can be fun if the common birds just  look for it. Whenever


Bird Bothers Napping Cat

Even though this is a video of a bird and cat, I can totally relate. I can't tell you how


Pigeon Isn’t Scared Of Bus

A pigeon standing in the road is confronted by a huge city bus. But it doesn't move! Oh no, are


Truck Releases Hundreds Of Pigeons

Sometimes very old videos will just have a viral explosions. Here's an example from 2007. A truck in Poland (I