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Street Lamp Saves Woman’s Life

Portal Fakty Kaliskie posted this video of various camera directions showing us the crash of two cars at a Polish


Polish Street Performer Plays Amazing Guitar

Polish busker Mariusz Goli has gone viral after this video published in February hit the blogosphere. Over the past few days,


Dropped Wallet Social Experiment In Poland

Polish YouTuber Michal Kujawapl wanted to test his countrymen to see how honest they are.  With a hidden camera rolling, he


Airport Security Guard Catches Falling Baby At Last Moment

This security camera video from November has just been released and has instantly gone viral. It is already covered on


Rubber Tubing On Exhaust Makes Eco-Car Sound Like A Race Car

Race cars have a unique exhaust sound even the most luxurious of car companies struggle to duplicate.  But Polish auto


What Music The Polish Are Listening To

Two years ago, a viral art concept surfaced where a cameraman simply asked passersby what music they were listening to


Child Joins Street Singer And Steals The Show

It's the holiday season, a time when hearing people sing old tunes of days past on busy street corners is


Giggling Teens Drive Car Through Polish Mall

In the US, scooter shopping carts have become the norm. Feeling a little winded from your double super sized fast


Train Sounds Goes Up Musical Octaves

This older video from 2007 started to trend over the weekend. Some of the trains in Poland are a little


Polish Snow Blower

In America, Poles already have the negative stereotype for acting foolish, so videos like this really cut deep. A Polish


Sugar Plum Fairy On Glass Harp

This video is from last February, but, as Christmas quickly approaches, only now has become a viral sensation. Sugar Plum Fairy


Polish Girl Does Horrible On Driving Lesson TV Show

The Polish TV show Nauka Jazdy (Driving School) takes hopeless drivers and records them during their driving lessons. This girl