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What is a Metal Print?

4 August, 2021



Boy Explains To Mom Why He Doesn’t Want To Eat Octopus

Over the week, Flavia Cavalcanti published this adorable Portuguese video of a young boy Luiz Antonio explaining to his mom why he doesn't…

Azulejos Tile Magic Trick

Magician Norberto Jansenson published this video over two weeks ago, but it has only begun to trend over the past weekend, quickly…

Elaborate Brazilian Marriage Proposal

This three day old proposal video from Brazil has already amassed three million views, and is featured on YouTubeTrends. To ask…

Portuguese Man Sounds Just Like Kurt Cobain, Performs Heart Shaped Box

This video was posted in June, but just went viral now with over 150,000 hits since October. A Portuguese man plays…

Pedal Powered Washing Machine

This video from 2009 only now went viral-especially in Brazil and Portugal-and is featured on DailyPicksAndFlicks. Let's face it, in America, when…

Cute Little Portuguese Angry Baby Girl – Do Not Close The Door

This funny little girl runs in screaming gibberish. She keeps repeating something about the closed door.

Miley Cyrus Sings Party In Brazil – Spanish, Portuguese Version Party In The USA

Miley Cyrus practices singing party in Brazil for her Brasil concert.



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