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Girl After Wisdom Teeth Surgery Cries That She’s A Nascar Driver

It's been a while since a post-wisdom teeth surgery video went viral, but it was worth the wait as this


Loopy Girl Cries That She Murdered Her Wisdom Teeth After Oral Surgery

The web just loves post-anesthesia videos, with the majority of the popular ones being taped after a family member has


Kittens After Anesthesia

The Internet is covered in humorous 'after anesthesia' videos, but it's always some teenager after getting their wisdom teeth removed.


Chaddy After Wisdom Teeth Surgery Is Awesome

Sometimes, you have to go to an altered state of consciousness to find true wisdom. Thus is the case with


I Feel Dizzy Post Anesthesia Kid Remix

Last week, the I Feel Dizzy kid went viral with his hilarious post surgery anesthesia  reaction. As is obligatory online, the auto


I Feel Dizzy – Funny Kid Post Arm Surgery

Post surgery videos are a favorite online, usually showcasing people a little loopy after having their wisdom teeth extracted.  The


Girl Thinks She’s A Wizard After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

This video from last March just went viral this weekend on Facebook, Tumblr, and Reddit, amassing over 60,000 views in