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Open Concept Modern Tiny House With Elevator Bed

This house presentation by Ana White got unbelievable 1.6 million views on YouTube. "Full of fresh, original tiny house ideas,


The Most Silly Powerpoint Presentation Of All Time

Chocolate Cake City uploaded this hilarious presentation performed by Pierce Campion. "Matrix Powerpoint" already got a quarter million views within


Kids Daycare Christmas Play Adorably Falls Apart

Even though there has never been a successful performance in history, teachers and parents will continue to insist their kids


Microsoft Surface Freezes During Opening Presentation

Time sure travels fast on the Internet. Barely 48 hours after announcing their newest tablet computer product, dubbed Surface, Microsoft


Every Presentation Ever Literal Parody

Presentations of all forms seem to follow the same generic structure, be they at church, school, camp, or business. Once


Nerd Gives EPIC My Little Pony Physics Presentation

When you have confidence, you can say and do almost anything. Take this awesome nerd. He goes up and gives


Animated Presentation On Human Language And Communication

Being educated was never more fun or interesting. The RSA organization offers one of their presentations on language and human communication