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Setting Up Fireworks Inside Of A Printer

This colorful explosion performed by thehypnoguy1 nearly got a million views on YouTube. "We've all wanted to do this to


Cat Attacks Paper After Finished Printing

The web never tires of a good kitty video. The latest cat-themed viral video is by Melissa Thielen. Her cat has


Printer Paper Perfectly Falls Into Filing Cabinet

British gamer JamesExplainz happened upon an amazing accident at college. While in the music room, the professor's printer seemed to be filing


Disabled Little Girl Can Move Arms With New 3D Printed Exoskeleton

Little two year old Emma was born with a serious physical disorder that made moving her arms impossible. But with the help


Little Printer Prints Cute Little News Feed

Humans used to get all their news from only one source. Print. But now that we are finally in the


Cat Doesn’t Understand Printer

To us, a printer is just another boring piece of consumer electronics. Printers were cool in maybe the 70's. But


Lego 3D Printer

Here is a Lego version of a 3d printer. The concept is simple. Enter a 3d image into the computer


Cat Hitting Printer With British Voice Over

This cat hates printers just as much as me. Some English dude makes a translation of the classic Cat VS