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Extreme Power Wheels Racing Through The Woods

Busted Knuckle Video published this video at the end of 2012, but it has just experienced a second viral surge of


Subaru WRX Crashes Head On Into House, Driver Walks Away

Targa Newfoundland is a long road rally race held over seven days in Canada. In this video from a past Targa


Daytona 500 Up Close

The Daytona 500 took place two months ago, but this video from the first lap has only gone viral now,


Heavy Guy Runs 100m Race

Sprinters must be in the best of shape to compete with their peers. As a fun gag, Isaac Akers caught one


Disguised Jeff Gordon Test Drives In A Camaro Pranking The Car Salesman

Pepsi and NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon teamed up to pull a fast one on a local car salesman.  Under hidden camera, Chevy


Race Car Drivers Compete In Game Of Drift

When professional basketball players want to compete against each other, they will often play a game of Horse. After one


Coke Zero Unlock The 007 In You Challenge

In honor of the new James Bond film, Coke Zero teamed up with the movie studios to set up a unique


All Eight James Bond Actors Racing Each Other Super Cut

Britain's version of Fox, SKY, is now offering every 007 Bond movie on demand with no commercials. To promote the special,


Drag Racer Accidentally Performs Perfect 360

*Language Warning! Like any good kids in the suburbs with super powerful sports cars would, these friends drag race. Daniel was the cameraman


World’s Greatest Drag Race 2

Last year, Motor Trend put together the World's Greatest Drag Race with tremendously expensive and exotic cars. But car and racing fans were only


F1 Race Car Plays The Star-Spangled Banner

Red Bull is a great source for all things extreme, so the content of their latest viral video isn't that surprising. 


Simon’s Cat Ready, Steady, Slow

Simon's Cat, the web's favorite kitty cartoon, returns with an Olympics themed episode. The community of animals at the local