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Beautiful Rainbow Crystal Geode

Far Arden delivers these beautiful rocks that you can even buy at Etsy. "If a unicorn and a rock had…

Slow Motion Rainbow Flame

Fire has mesmerized man since the dawn of time. There's just something so magical how the flames dance, grow, and then disappear.…

LeVar Burton Explains How Double Rainbows Form

The Internet is well aware of double rainbows after the famous Double Rainbow video went viral years ago. But in…

Making A Rainbow With A Shotgun

Gun enthusiasts channel Brandon401401 just went viral with their latest shotgun video, being featured on Geekologie, CBSNews, and YouTubeTrends. Good ol' American country…

Double Rainbow After Joplin Tornado Storm

After tornadoes ripped through Joplin, Missouri, a survivor recorded a beautiful double rainbow. He doesn't have an epic emotional reaction…

Bartender Pours Rainbow Shots

That's one of the coolest drinks I've ever seen. He pours from on cocktail into a row of shot glasses…


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