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German Blogger Doesn’t Understand ‘Shooting Fish In A Barrel’ Idiom

Americans are kind of obsessed with idioms. We just love 'em. But for a foreigner who speaks English, they can…

Starbucks Barista Rant Song

Christopher Cristwell went viral back in the summer when he posted this video rant song complaining about serving spoiled, rich,…

Felonious Munk Tells America To Paid Its Bills

NSFW - Language Felonious Munk stars in this serious, yet also humorous video telling America and President Obama to pay…

Part 2 Black Man LOVES Pokémon

This black dude went viral rampaing¬†and screaming about how much he loves pokemon. Here's part 2 of the black dudes…

Cornell Professor Rants Over Yawn

Professor keeps hearing overly loud yawns, and can't take it anymore. He stops class and screams if you need to…

Black Guy Loves Pokemon Rant

This hilarious black dude talks about is love for the new Pokemon Black and White. He goes ghetto talking about…

Steve Jobs’ Google Rant

Steve jobs is not happy with the new Google Android and Google TV products. Why? Because they are iPhone and…



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