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Redneck On 4X4 Celebrating Shooting Gun After Osama Death

When Osama Bin Laden was finally killed people ran to the White House and Ground Zero to celebrate. But no…

Woman On Wheel Chair Uses Lawn Mower To Move

This is either the laziest woman ever, or the dumbest... or the smartest. I'm not sure. I'm just in shock.…

Old Man Sings About Buttons

South Carolina Button Kind, Dalton Stevens, just loves his buttons. The 2010 video of him singing about buttons has had…

Red Neck Cover Of The Rose

Welcome to America. A truly all American woman sings along with The Rose made famous by Bette Midler.

Sarah Palin Country Song Hymn

A nice red neck, country hymn in honor of Sarah Palin. Most of the lyrics don't make sense or rhyme.…

Horse In Car On Highway

Some nice country folk find a real red neck. Some one driving down the freeway with a horse in the…

Carving Pumpkin By Shooting With Gun

Now that's some good aim. This redneck shoots a pumpkin to carve out a Halloween face.

‘Pure Michigan’ Commercial, U Of M Football Spoof

Those damn Pure Michigan commercials are so annoying. Here's a little more realistic version of what being pure Michigan is…

Red Neck Woman Excited To Be On TV When Police Record Arresting Her Sister, Screams County Law

The police arrest a woman at her house, probably on a warrant. Once her sister realizes that the scene is…

Man Wakes Up Gun Pointed At His Chest, Asks ‘What’s Up Randy?’

A Hixson man gives his testimony after he was robbed. I honestly have no idea what he is saying. All…



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