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Old Red Neck Uses Hannah Montana Coon Repellent To Stop Snappy Pet Raccoon

Owning a pet raccoon is a dream of many kids, but the biting can really get tiresome. Luckily, this old…

Making A Rainbow With A Shotgun

Gun enthusiasts channel Brandon401401 just went viral with their latest shotgun video, being featured on Geekologie, CBSNews, and YouTubeTrends. Good ol' American country…

Man Tells Truth About Iowa In Response To Media Coverage Painting The State As Red Neck

If you've never been to Iowa and only get your information from the mainstream news, you might think that Iowa…


Trolling Rednecks 101

Red Neck With Coon Hat TV Interview

TV news interviews are always the best. The reporter telling a narrative in their report always seem to throw in…

Monster Truck Tug Of War Ends In Disaster

Though few, there are some benefits to being a poor redneck. Here's one. A group of real country folk hold…

Pastor Gives Car Themed Prayer At Nascar

Nascar is often mocked as a 'redneck sport'. People say it's just cars driving around in a circle. Even South…

Redneck Christmas

Redneck On 4X4 Celebrating Shooting Gun After Osama Death

When Osama Bin Laden was finally killed people ran to the White House and Ground Zero to celebrate. But no…

Cowboy Gives Inspiring Speech With His Dog Riding Monkeys

Tim “Wild Thang” Lepard gives an inspiring speech at a minor league baseball game. He's famous for his dog riding monkeys…

Carving Pumpkin By Shooting With Gun

Now that's some good aim. This redneck shoots a pumpkin to carve out a Halloween face.

‘Pure Michigan’ Commercial, U Of M Football Spoof

Those damn Pure Michigan commercials are so annoying. Here's a little more realistic version of what being pure Michigan is…


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