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The Great RC Battle

The Final Cut King have done it again, bringing a common childhood memory to life with their great special effects. They paint…

RC Airplane Flown Indoors To Classical Music

This video was posted a month ago, but has only now experienced a viral surge of viewership. RC model airplane enthusiast Mark Barnes not only…

RC Copter With First Person View Camera Encounters A Moose

Norwegian remote control copter enthusiast Eirik Solheim has finally gone viral. He has many first person view videos that he recorded…

Realistic Remote Control Flying Superman

Triathlonky was by the beach with his buddies in Southern California when they saw Superman fly over head. He was lucky…

Two Helicopter Rider See R/C Model Airplane Crash Into Tree And Retrieve It

While two helicopter fliers were enjoying the sky and the magic of flight they noticed a remote control airplane flying…

Human Shaped Remote Control Airplanes Flown Over New York City

Whenever you plan on doing something cool and shocking in public, it's always best to go to Manhattan to show…



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