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The Most Ridiculous History Lesson Of Japan Ever

YouTube isn't only good for cat and prank videos. There are countless hours of helpful education material online as well.


Motorcyclist Grabs Foot Of Girl That Was Sticking Out Of Car Window. On The Highway

This whole video is one big example of do not try this at home. While biking down the highway, motorcycle


Breakdancing Super Fly Is Ridiculous

Everyone loves a short and sweet Internet video with an unexpected ending. That's one of the best parts about YouTube.


Guys Stuff Twizzlers Into Passed Out Friend’s Mouth During Road Trip

Is there anything more American than going on a summer road trip with just friends, junk food, and the open


The Best Christmas Song

Jon Lajoie is a famous goofy YouTuber best known for his ridiculous original music. And for this Christmas season, he has


Airport Cart Driver Makes The “Beep!” Sound Himself

Large motorized carts in public places usually have an automated beep warning when moving. But when GrimbleGromble1 was at the airport, they


Synchronized Kittens In A Bowl Look Up And Down Together

This ridiculously adorable kitten video just went viral since June, and is featured on TheDailyWhat and Jezebel. In near perfect


Turkey Dubstep

Dubstep is still all the rage. But YouTuber willanderson0 wasn't satisfied with the status quo though, and wondered, "What would happen if I mix turkey


Say No To Drugs, Yes To Roller Skating Commercial

Popular , Rhett and Link, returned to their roots and finally released another fantastic small business commercial.  The latest commercial is for Roller Kingdom in