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Dog Wick Is Like John Wick But About The Dog

Freddie Wong and his people from RocketJump put a little twist von the whole John Wick thing and put the


That Moment When Your Friends Don’t Like The Video You Showed Them

We've all been there. We watch a hilarious video and insist our friends watch it. But when you finally get the


Worst Wifi Password Ever

We've all been there before. We're at our friend's house and we want to save some data on our cell


World’s Biggest Ballpit Prank Turns Into Unexpected Horror Film

Remember when famous Internet prankster Roman Atwood pranked his wife and turned his house into one giant, epic ball pit?


London Brawling Short Action Film

Special effects master Freddie W of Rocket Jump has really evolved over the years. The popular short film director on YouTube put together some


Every 90’s Commercial Ever Takes A Turn For The WTF

Ahh, the 90's. It was a simpler time that most Web users look back on positively. Back then, it seemed


Jimmy Kimmel And Freddie Wong Have An Epic Tie Fight

You know you've made it big on YouTube when you're invited on a late night program. Freddie Wong of Rocket


Impossibly Awesome Trick Shots

The Web's most famous trick shot masters Dude Perfect teamed up with RocketJump, one of YouTube's best special effects studios.  Together,


Knife Guyz Pull Off Daring Knife Throwing Tricks

Freddie Wong of Rocket Jump and his friends daringly pull off impressive knife throwing stunts in this new video. Apparently nobody told them