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Wild Donkeys Make a Mess

26 August, 2019



Best Friends In Rom Coms Are All Alcoholics

Romantic comedies all seem to follow the same recipe. The main character has a problem and their best friend comes


If The Next Marvel Superhero Movie Was Romantic Comedy

For the past couple years, we have been fed a steady diet of superhero movies, from the Marvel universe and


Black Widow Superhero Movie As A Romantic Comedy

The latest Avengers film just came out this weekend and is already an instant box office hit. There seems to


Thor As A Romantic Comedy Trailer Spoof

Jimmy Kimmel admits that though the endless stream of movies have been doing well at the box office, studio execs are


Breaking Bad As A Romantic Comedy

Two weeks ago, MHK Productions posted this parody clip, and now it stands with over 350,000 hits. The crew took footage from Breaking


The Dark Knight As A Romantic Comedy Trailer

The Dark Knight, as the name suggests, is a very dark and desperate take on the original somewhat goofy Batman. 



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