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Makeup Artists Show Couples What They’ll Look Like When They’re Older

It's easy to be in love with your significant other when you're both in the prime of your life. But


Adorable Toddler Helps Dad Propose To Girlfriend

André Nordstrand wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a special way so he teamed up with his cute son. The


Teen’s Fake Wedding Proposal Prom-posal Is Both Sweet And Awkward

Daniel Pena wanted to ask his girlfriend to the prom in a special way, so he devised a romantic plan. Or


Pranksters Give Deserving Couple Surprise Wedding And Honeymoon

The prankster at Break have messed with a lot of people. But every now and then, they feel a little guilty


Couples Grow Closer By Staring At Each Other For Four Minutes

According to the New York Times, holding uninterrupted eye contact with a person for four long minutes can increase intimacy. Soul Pancake wanted


Couple’s Photo Booth Proposal Is Adorable

Kevin wanted his proposal to his long time girlfriend to be short and sweet. So he decided to propose in a


Man Surprises Wife With Second Wedding On Their Tenth Anniversary

Steven knew he had to do something special for his ten year anniversary with his wife Kelli, so he took things to


The Science Love Song

Nerds are of course good at math and science. The one thing most nerds struggle with is the romance department.


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Traveler Makes Musical Proposal Video In 26 Countries

After the first date with his girlfriend, Jack Hyer knew he would marry her. He even wrote in his travel journal in


Marriage Proposals In Sports Compilation

In honor of Valentine's Day, ESPN put together this romantic compilation of sports themed marriage proposals. There's nothing like popping out


Surprise A Cappella Valentine’s Day Singing Will Make You Smile

YouTube prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with BYU a cappella group Vocal Point to make some girls' Valentine's Day extra special, no