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Fireworks In Bath Tub

Two, I presume, Russian dudes sit in a bath tub and get a great idea. Let's light some fireworks in…

Wolves Attack Russian Police On Highway

Wait for it. At about minute in a huge pack of wolves charge the road. The police man hides in…

Russian Motorcyclist Swerves Through Traffic At High Speed On Warsaw Highway

This is more exciting than a roller coaster ride. This-I'm assuming Russian dude-hits the throttle at top speed, and tells…

Russian Plane Crash Landing In Woods

A large plane was having electrical problems and had to divert to another airport to land. It didn't make it…

Amatuer Video Of Fires In Russian Village 7/30/10

Russians drive through some of the fires that have erupted in Russia. Drought, and an extremely hot summer has made…



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