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Ryan Higa Ends All Challenges With This Epic Mashup

"The Stop Doing Challenges Challenge!" is the title of YouTuber nigahiga new video that went viral within the last days,


How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist Part 2

It was all the way back in 2013, when Ryan Higa posted his hilarious impersonations of countless famous singers and pop stars.


Dear Ice Bucket Challenge Haters

It seems almost everyone has done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at this point. The challenge had a great run, generating


Action Movies VS Reality

Action movies are fun to watch, but they really take things too far. Everything, from a chase to a fight,


How To Know If You Have ADHD

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is probably one of the most well known behavioral issues. It became famous in the


The New Rick Roll

Popular YouTuber Ryan Higa has managed to pull off a classic Internet prank on his viewers. While attempting to discover


Surviving In The Arctic Spoof

The Internet loves making fun of the pseudo-survivor show Man Vs Wild just as much as they enjoy watching it.  Popular YouTuber


Honest University Commercial

You know a college is high quality when you see ads for their institution after a fast food commercial while


GTFO My Room! Music Video

Popular YouTuber Ryan Higa and Andrew Agarcia wrote this song over three years ago, but have only produced it now.  The two


Dragon Ball Z Fight In Real Life

Popular YouTuber Nigahiga is a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z. He has always wanted to spoof the prominent Japanese anime


Peg Pants Comedy Sketch

Have you ever been standing in line, and wish you had a chair built into your pants that looked completely


Aquaman The Movie Fake Trailer

Once nerdy superheroes have seemingly conquered Hollywood. Blockbusters such as The Dark Knight, Ironman, and The Avengers are just a few examples.